WINDBOOSTER: Take your ride to a new higher level!

“How often do you feel that your car does not respond to your command?”
“How often do you have to turn off the A/C in order to cross quickly a road with traffic?”
“How often do you feel your engine hesitates, stumbles, loses power when accelerating, especially uphill hesitation?”

If you are tired of long response time and a slow acceleration rate with your drive-by-wire car, we are glad you found us. We will help you unleash the real power your vehicle has, unlock your engine’s maximum performance and make them feel significantly less sluggish.

Smartphone control
Better fuel economy, save money on gas
Up to 10 acceleration modes
Mode fine-tuning, up to 40 acceleration programs
Ultra compact size: ultra-thin 6mm design
Plug n play less than 5 minutes install
Specific plug for each specific car model, safer and more reliable
GT new special feature: lock mode