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We will take every customer as our partner and friend, promote our brand to the automotive aftermarket of the whole world.

Since founded in 2008, Windbooster has been focusing on the R&D of automotive electronics and promotion, particularly in automotive performance and power modification, including electronic accelerator, throttle controller, intelligent driving controller, racing gauge, engine computer, automobile control arms, titanium exhaust, tower bar series and so on. 

Besides, Windbooster also focuses on the R&D of automotive frontier technology, equipped with extensive knowledge about high performance electric powertrain, battery system and the R&D and professional production of the whole car, has original research in power modification, frame construction, chassis design and other aspects of super car.

The company adheres to the concept of science humanization, with world-leading technology, specialized in the R&D and marketing of automotive refitting parts, NEV and go-kart, etc for more than ten years, focus on the development strategy of automotive aftermarket service.

Over the years, Windbooster has been keeping developing and surpassing itself, constantly innovate, and has invented and created a series of epoch-making technological achievements, more than 40 technical and product patents include electric machine, battery pack, suspension system, power distribution management and so on have been obtained, professional company image with superior technology have been firmly established.

Our Supercar

What we create is not only a supercar, it is more of a spirit!

In 2014, Windbooster started super-car project, now it has successfully created the first self-developed electric super car TITAN in China, with excellent electronic powertrain, Titan performs much better, it needs only 3.9s to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h, the maximum speed is 260km/h, equipped with more than 6000 18650 lithium batteries, up to 400km mileage. In Feb 2016, Windbooster supercar Titan was successfully released in Shenzhen exhibition, which caused quite a sensation in China’s motor-dom.

Windbooster provides innovative products, professional services for the customers all over the world with excellent technology, top quality. The aim is to provide a full range of high-quality automobile speed-up products, comprehensive and effective technical support and professional automotive service network for customers, sincerely hope to establish cooperation with friends from all circles, create brilliant future together!

Our advantages

WINDBOOSTER electronic throttle controller, China’s first self-developed electronic throttle accelerator.

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Why Install Windbooster Throttle Controller

Modern cars are constantly evolving, mostly due to advancements in electronics. A growing number of vehicle systems are now controlled by electronic throttle control, commonly known as drive-by-wire.

However, the drive-by-wire system has its limitation, standard settings for drive-by-wire systems tend to result in throttle response time that’s actually slower than old-school cable setups, that’s what we called throttle lag.

As enthusiasts, we appreciate the need for speed and we enjoy the thrill of pushing our cars to newer limits. To address the issue, Windbooster throttle controller has been developed to bypass and override the factory electronic throttle control settings and eliminate noticeable time delays. Windbooster will help you adjust throttle application for better driveability, it will make driving a car easier and safer!

Buy one throttle controller here and eliminate throttle lag now, start the journey, take your ride to a higher level!

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