Cammus ClubSport 52mm i-Round LCD Gauge Multifunction


One LCD Racing Gauge Reads 13 Driving Parameters
RPM, water temperature, turbo, exhaust temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, intake air temperature, air-fuel ratio, battery voltage, G value, TPS, speed, intake pressure.
Support Plug and Play OBD Reading, Sensor is Optional
Turbo pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, G-value sensor, etc are optional
(CAMMUS sensor and OBD interface can be used simultaneously, and the gauge will preferentially read data from the sensor)
Inverted Function
When installing the gauge on the windshield, you can turn on the inverted mode, which is convenient for you to read the parameters.
Several Gauges Installed in Series
LCD racing gauge supports multi-gauge in series, and can also be installed in series with Cammus pointer racing gauge(Recommended to connect no more than 5 in series, specific connecting wire is required for mixed connection in series)
7 Pointer Colors Are Available
There are 7 different colors for the pointer, you can switch colors as you wish
Monitoring Alarm Function
Support MAX, MIN value adjustment, when the driving parameters exceed the set MAX, MIN, the indicator light flashes and the buzzer issues an alarming signal.
Appearance Ultra-thin LCD, support inversion, novel appearance
Other Features
Currently only black can be selected, please pay attention before placing an order

If you want Oil Temperature or Oil pressure gauge, please remember to order sensor together


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