CAMMUS Racing Simulator Pedal with Clutch–Pre-sale


CAMMUS Racing Simulator Pedal with Clutch Pre-Sale

Restore the real racing foot feeling

Qiuck Response High Sensitivity
When driving vehicles approach the limit, it can control the vehicle more quickly.

Mechanical Structure Design
Loyal to real racing, bring you the pleasure of racing

Exquisite craftsmanship Reasonable design
Interpret the quality of CAMMUS better, make a simulator racing pedal suitable for you.

Adjustable damping
the pedal design is more competitive, and the foot feel will be heavier. In order to meet different preferences, the pedal of CAMMUS Racing Simulator can also be designed with multiple damping adjustments to make it adjusted to a more relaxed streetcar mode, and the foot feel will be as light as a street car.

Adjustable pedal
The adjustability of the pedal allow players to adjust the pedal to a high-performance and high-comfort experience according to their own conditions.

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