CAMMUS Racing Simulator base and steer wheel 15NM Servo motor Free Shipping by Air

This price includes base and steer wheel and shipping fee
shipping by air, so we added 200 dollars shipping fee on the base 499 dollars and steer wheel 199 dollars;
if you think the shipping fee is expensive, pls email us to negotiate shipping way by sea, which is cheap but takes a long time to get it.
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Maximum torque is 15Nm
Providing greater torque output

Direct Drive System
Get more sensitive and direct steering response

Servo Motor
Servo motor can realize the output of fixed angle, speed, and torque; And the servo motor control speed and position are more accurate and delicate.

Real Racing Experience
Adopting a direct drive system, a more sensitive and direct steering response can be obtained; The force feedback of the steering wheel will be more direct, faster, and closer to the real racing experience.

Plug and Play
Easy installation, quick to remove, and support diversified peripherals.

APP adjustment
More Intelligent to remote control by mobile APP adjustment.