Pointer Intake Pressure+ LED Oil Temp Gauge


Pointer Intake Pressure + LED Oil Temp Gauge 
The intake pressure is used to indicate the intake pressure value (unit: kPa, reference value -1.0 – 0), and the oil temperature is used to indicate lubricating oil temperature when the engine is working (reference value: 90 -110℃).
Dual-Function Racing Gauge: One Gauge can display two kinds of driving parameters, making the monitoring data clearer. ( With Double function, the driving data is more easily to be read.) 
Product Features: High Sensitivity
Sensitive reading, capture subtle changes
Touch to change color, touch-sensitive, light color switching easily
Read Clearly
The pointer has blue and red colors. The value change can be clearly observed in daytime and night.
Several Gauges Connected in Series
Several gauges connected in series can display different data simultaneously, fully control your car. Due to vehicle OBD speed limit, it is recommended to connect no more than 5 in series.
One key to zero
Is the gauge placed unevenly? One key to zero, the value can be displayed accurately at any odd angle
Aluminum Ring Color
7 kinds of aluminum ring color, choose by personal preference.
Gauge Cover(purchase separately)
Gauge cover of different colors, gorgeous appearance, strong shading effect, even in the dazzling sunshine, it can read clearly.

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