How Much Do You Know About Different Windbooster Performance Chips?


Windbooster provides a variety of performance chips, namely throttle controller to the customers which assist in better acceleration and speed. Here is an article providing detailed explanation to different windbooster performance chip models.

A Throttle is a gadget controlling the stream of fuel or capacity to a motor. The term throttle has come to allude, casually and mistakenly, to any instrument by which the power or speed of a motor is directed, for example, an auto’s quickening agent pedal. Electronic throttle control (ETC) framework has worked its approach to turning into a standard subsystem in a large portion of the present autos as it has contributed much to the change of efficiency, discharges, drivability and security. Accuracy control of the subsystem, which comprises of a dc engine driving a throttle plate, a pre-stacked return spring and an arrangement of apparatus prepare to manage wind stream into the motor, appears to be somewhat clear.

Windbooster provides a variety of performance chips, namely throttle controller to the customers which assist in better acceleration and speed. One of them is the 9 mode 3s tuning chip, which is the most popular product of the intelligent driving experience. The interface is designed in a proper way and it has two buttons namely Mode and Set Buttons. And it gives a visual comparison between the vehicle factory throttle response and throttle response value of the current mode on the interface. There are six modes namely Normal, Econ, Sport, Sport+, Race and i-Auto modes, suitable for both manual & automatic transmission, and each mode for Sport, Sport+ and Race comes with 0 – 9 different sensitivity settings, ‘0’ is the least aggressive program and ‘9’ is the most aggressive one, on Econ mode, ‘9’ is the least aggressive program and ‘0’ is the most aggressive one so you can choose the one that suits your driving style.

All modes can be set to maunal and Auto modes. Manual mode is stronger than Auto mode.

Normal mode means your car is returned to its original factory setting, recover its natural performance. Sport mode has 30% throttle response and race mode has 60% throttle response, the acceleration turns the car into a racing car, sport+ mode is more sensitive and faster than sport mode, I think it is pretty suitable for driving in the expressway, Race mode is the fiercest acceleration mode, it is very suitable for the drivers who enjoy the racing fun. Econ mode will lead to slower throttle response, save fuel and more comfortable, suitable for congested road, and the i-Auto mode can identify your driving habits automatically, adjust the throttle response as per the driving habits and provide the best throttle response for you.

There is another performance chip which is known as 9 Mode ultra-thin power chip, it facilitates the drivers with the ultimate driving experience with so much passion. It eliminates the lag period of throttle experience. It has 9 kinds of different driving modes. It has metal plate with aluminum buttons with a very rich metallic texture. It has a 6mm ultra thin display screen which looks so attractive and is human friendly. The mode of acceleration is P3, P2, P1, Economy and Normal mode. P3 is the strongest acceleration mode which is suitable for the ultimate driving. For those people who love speed and passion, P2 is the perfect mode as it offers the weapon suitable for overtaking as well as racing. P1 is the mode which offers throttle sensitivity and suitable for daily driving. The economy mode of acceleration comforts the drivers by providing them with a comfortable and smooth driving and also it is fuel-efficient. Normal Mode recovers the natural performance of the vehicle and the driver can feel the original design.

Yet another type of performance chip offered by Windbooster is 7 Mode racing chip, this is purely a competitive accelerator. There are total 30 sections of adjustments and every individual mode will lead to altogether different driving experiences for the drivers. This throttle controller is mainly designed for speed which gives an ultimate driving experience to the drivers. It accelerates the throttle response speed of the vehicle and it is a complete professional competition edition. It has a total of seven modes of conversion. Seven modes comprised of Normal Mode, Auto mode, manual mode, P1 Sports mode, P2 Ultra Sports Mode and P3 Race Mode. It provides both manual and automatic transmission. Under normal mode of this throttle controller, the car returned to its original factory settings and recovers its natural performance.

Electronic throttle control additionally includes various advantages. The first is diminished support. Mechanical throttle frameworks, since they are comprised of a ton of moving parts, are liable to a great deal of wear. Over the life of the auto, the different parts can destroy. By examination, an electronic throttle control framework has nearly few moving parts, it sends its signs by electric motivation, not moving parts. That lessens wear and the measure of support required on the framework. Electronic Throttle Controller makes the experience of driving simple and exciting. It reduces the maintenance part of the vehicle.

9 Mode 2S performance chip tuning, the enhanced version of 9-mode ultra-thin throttle controller, upgrades the intelligent mode(i-AUTO mode), which can automatically adjust the opening of the throttle valve by identifying the driving habits to provide the best speed response, intelligent display screen, uses the OLED lights, which can automatically adapt to the outside light to maintain the most clear state. available in 4 colors, excellent quality panel, mirror effect. Support Chinese and English interface. There are 10 acceleration modes namely Normal, Econ, Sports, Super Sport, Race, i-Auto (manual & auto for Econ, Sport, Sport+, Race mode), 40 Acceleration Programs: Each mode(Econ, Sport, Sport+, Race) comes with a 0-9 program so the driver can choose the appropriate throttle response speed that he likes most. ‘0’ = less sensitive, ‘9’ = most sensitive.

Windbooster 5 Mode race power chip, It is made up of acrylic material. The frame is made up of ABS Resin. It is light in weight and has a simple face. There are five driving styles offered under this throttle controller namely Sports mode under AT and MT, Economy Mode under AT and MT and then there is a normal mode where the vehicle can go back to its original factory settings.

5C power tune performance chip, It has a thin and tiny and clean interface. It has five modes of acceleration where the driver can experience from low to highest speed with a smooth pedal force.

There are also other models such as 4s(with lock mode), Windbooster first generation, I will not introduce them one by one, you may visit windbooster chip tuning page to know more about our products.

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